Gallery 1:10


Gallery 1:10 is a conceptual art project and platform run by artist Anna Lidberg. It invites artists to collaborate and take part in exhibitions in the galleries premises, a dollhouse, where the art is shown in miniature versions.


The project started in 2006 and has travelled to different cities, mostly public places or spaces where people, who normally don’t see themselves as art consumers, encounter it.


The dollhouse, as a recognizable object, acts as a starting point for the viewer to build a personal narrative around the larger art concept. The miniature scale forces the viewer to adjust and bend the body to access the art. It makes one get very close and sharpen their gaze. This disarms the encounter and creates a situation where the viewer interacts with the art inside of the gallery in an expanded way.


Gallery 1:10 aims to be part of a discussion of art and culture. It strives to reach an audience, in a captivating way, that rarely comes into contact with contemporary art and to show contemporary art in a context where it is not usually exposed.


The gallery chooses and invites artists but also accepts proposals from people who wish to exhibit and sometimes arranges open calls for group exhibitions to which artist are able to apply.